Michael Madsen poetry

By Michael Madsen

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Though he has appeared in over one hundred films, from Kill Bill to Free Willy, most moviegoers remember Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde, the sadistic gangster who cuts off a man’s ear in Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut Reservoir Dogs.

Born in Chicago, Michael Madsen is the brother of actress Virginia Madsen (who received an Oscar nomination for Sideways). He is the father of five children and is married to his wife, DeAnna. They live in Malibu.

Here are a few of his poems.

Why do some men ask for a beating?
You can see it in their faces,
You know… they need it.
I beat a guy
With a tire iron once
who pulled a knife on me
and it felt so good
to break-the-bones
in-his-face and see him bleed.
I probably would’ve killed him…
If I hadn’t stopped---
I guess… we will both
remember each other.
leading the Padres 3 to 1.
I read Ron LeFlores’ book and
one on A.J. Foyt. A fake by Butler
…and the count is 1 and 1 to Mike.
5:1 Dodgers as I write, Piazza hits a
homer and Cincinnati waits…
Tommy Lasorda’s son dies
of AIDS, and he kisses

The space shuttle exploded over Texas this morning
on its way back home. After watching the news for a while,
watching the astronauts fall from the sky with a
million pieces of their broken rocket,
I went downstairs to the pool.
While sitting alone
I could see

some teenagers on a second floor
balcony with beer cans in their hands.
One girl flicked her spent cigarette into the air.
She had all the attitude of a little brat and the body posture
of a little whore, hanging out drinking beer in the early

As I watched her cigarette tumble through the air,
falling through the blue sky, I thought about the shuttle
and the horror of the things that fall.
The difference between them –- and the pomposity of that
little bitch and the way she flicked that smoke and
watched it land on the ground a few feet away
from me. I Iooked back and flipped her off.
She started laughing and her beer boys turned
and went back into their suite,
closing the door behind them.

The Complete Poetic Works of Michael Madsen, Vol. I, 1995 – 2005 (edited by Michael Naughton and Donna Novak) is published by 13 Hands Publications in Beverly Hills. Visit 13handsonline.com and MichaelMadsen.com for more information.

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