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By Gene Mahoney

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The Scene

By Gene Mahoney

*** Ladytron have teamed up with Cansei De Ser Sexy for a tour of the US. After spending a lot of time doing DJ sets and releasing singles, Ladytron will be supporting 2005's album Witching Hour.

*** Ween have announced plans to spend the rest of the year in the studio recording their new album. The band has been shacked up in a 200 year old farmhouse in Pennsylvania for most of the year writing new material.

*** News from Howard Hallis (who has appeared in this publication with “I Was A Super Hero on ‘The Dating Game’ and ‘Star Wars Marathon 2005’): Solo #12, the comic book Howard did the digital effects and lettering for, is out on DC Comics.

*** “Dark Synthetic Mind”, the new video from D.I.E. (Digital Intelligence Extreme) can be viewed at

*** Veruca Salt have a new CD out titled “VS IV” (which will also be available on vinyl as a limited edition run of 1,000 copies). They play September 20th at the Key Club in Hollywood.

*** The 19th Annual Fall San Francisco Crystal Fair happens October 7th and 8th at Fort Mason Center.

*** The California Heritage Museum exhibition “California Art Quilts, Current Work by California Members of Studio Art Quilt Associates” has been extended due to popular demand to run through October 29th. It’s at 2612 Main Street in Santa Monica.

*** This from the Institute of Unpopular Culture: Windy Brown, A Retrospective at the Space Gallery (1141 Polk Street in San Francisco) on September 30th at 7pm. (

*** Green Apple Books and The Onion present Harmon Leon signing copies of “The Infiltrator: My Undercover Exploits in Right-Wing America”, October 4th, 7:00 p.m. at the Rockit Room, 406 Clement Street, San Francisco.

*** Open Studios at the Cultural Center of Santa Cruz County, October 7, 8,14, 15, 21, 22. Check out artwork by Larry Cohen of All Star Auto Body and Painting (if you’re reading the Santa Cruz edition of the Herald check out his ad.)

*** THE SANTA BARBARA FESTIVAL OF ARTS, Oct 13-15. Admission: Free. Located at the Courthouse at Anapamu and Anacapa Streets. Public Information: (800) 538-1881.

*** A plug for a show I really dig: “Open Line to the West Coast with Dr. Bill Wattenburg”. Wattenburg is a renowned Lawrence Livermore Laboratory scientist who debunks many of the popular notions the public holds on numerous subjects. He recently took on the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, citing that the vehicle is hardly the penny-a-mile, environmental breakthrough as claimed because electricity comes from burning coal or natural gas. Dr. Wattenburg points out that coal is the dirtiest form of energy there is, causing CO2 to pollute our air, and blames environmental groups for our continuing to do this. Al Gore, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council (and all the other “eco-frauds” as he calls them) have stopped the production of nuclear power in the US for the past 30 years, which he says is the cleanest form of energy available. New safety devices have been approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which would prevent another Three Mile Island-type accident from happening. It’s okay for liberals to be in favor of nuclear power as France (yes, France!) gets close to 80 percent of its energy from it and other countries are moving toward it. U.S. engineers are building nuclear power plants for other nations while we foolishly let celebrities and their movies guide our energy policy.

As for the trendy “alternative” energy sources, Wattenburg estimates that wind and solar power would bring us 5 to 7 percent of our energy needs at the most: “How do we cover 10,000 square miles with solar panels or windmills? Then what do we do when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing?”

Wattenburg helped get MTBE, a gasoline additive which was supposed to decrease air pollution but actually increased it, out of gas pumps. (That fiasco was thanks to CARB, the California Air Resources Board, a frequent target of the doctor.) Wattenburg likes to mention Patrick Moore, the founder of Greenpeace who now distances himself from that organization and promotes the planting of trees and the building of nuclear power plants through his new environmental organization, Greenspirit. Listen to Dr. Wattenburg on KGO 810AM on the weekends from 10pm to 1am. (Yeah, on KGO. He’s probably the only one on that station who isn’t a nut-job.) MP3 files of recent shows are on

I almost forgot: Wattenburg holds numerous patents, and his latest invention (which he created with some other scientists) is an inexpensive robot that can go into alleys and hunt for insurgents in Iraq. This sure beats sending our soldiers in there to do it. The doctor wants you to contact your senator or congressional representative and pressure them to start sending these things over to the Mid East. For more info go to, click on “Personalities”, and then go to Wattenburg’s page.

*** Make sure you eat at B Street Rotisserie the next time you’re in downtown San Mateo. I had a turkey leg, mashed potatoes, and vegetables smothered in gravy there a few weeks ago and I’m still salivating over it. It’s at the corner of South B and 1st Avenue. See their ad in the San Mateo edition of the Herald.

*** Glenn Ford died recently at the age of 90. Most media obituaries recalled the 106 films in which he appeared and his many marriages and romances. Few mentioned this…

“At the beginning of World War II Glenn served in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. In 1942 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. As a Marine he helped build safe houses in occupied France for those hiding from the Nazis and was among the first Americans to enter the infamous Dachau concentration camp at war’s end. He went on to serve in the Navy and at war's end he was commissioned a Commander in the Naval Reserves.

“Committed to service in the armed forces, Ford also served two tours of duty in Vietnam with the Third Marine Amphibious Force in 1966-1968. He once went on a jungle mission with a Special Forces Team during the Vietnam War. Ford was the only actor to have served with both the Green Berets and the French Foreign Legion and his military record is well recognized in both the United States and France as a highly decorated veteran.

“Among his numerous medals and commendations are the Medal of Honor presented by the Veterans of Foreign Wars; the Medaille de la France Libre for the liberation of France; two commendation medals from the U.S. Navy; and the Vietnamese Legion of Merit. He received the rank of Captain with the U.S. Naval Reserves in 1968; retiring in 1977.

“Ford bravely served his country in two wars (not on the sidelines, but in the front lines) facing enemy fire on many occasions and never expecting to be treated like a Hollywood star but as a fellow fighting man. He was indeed a hero both on and off the screen.”

That was from columnist and contributor Phil Brennan, a proud Marine. Glenn Ford was quiet and unassuming on the outside but incredibly brave on the inside. Something you don’t find in today’s leading men.###

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