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Dixon Man on Crusade for Justice

In November of 1997, Alan Yurko, a two and a half month old baby, died just three days after being admitted to Princeton Hospital in Florida. His father, Alan R. Yurko, was subsequently arrested, tried, and convicted by a jury in 1999, sentenced to spend his life plus ten years in prison. During the course of the appeal process, which is still underway, Dr. Al-Bayati became involved, utilizing his toxicological and pathological expertise to examine the evidence upon which Yurko’s conviction was based, and what Al-Bayati discovered horrified him.

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A pathologist has uncovered evidence that 'shaken baby' Alan Yurko was killed by medical staff who massively overdosed the infant with the drug Heparin, only hours before he died. His father by the same name is imprisoned in Florida for shaking him causing hemorrhage and death. Heparin is a blood anti-coagulant very similar to Warfarin --a poison which kills rats by internal hemorrhaging.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati, a California-based expert toxicology witness, discovered in the course of his 250 hour review of the medical records, that the dose of Heparin was 8.8 times the level appropriate for the premature infant's meager body weight. His just-issued report concludes that Heparin caused severe subdural bleeding in the brain and spinal cord and minor bleeding in one eye, as well as other effects.

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