Memorial Day - Four bands, One hour - While the rest of the country was celebrating fallen warriors with flags, Ess-effers were doing it with guitars. Rightly so. New Wave City, the Floating 80’s thing, working with local musicians, put together a tribute to everyone’s favorite pinhead, the late Joey Ramone. Holding their monthly dance/party for the holiday weekend at the Pound, a newish metal club so far off the beaten path you can actually find parking.

The Hail Marys CD Release Party - On May 10th at Slim's, San Francisco's rock sisterhood got a blast of old time religion from local band, The Hail Marys. But only if your religion means John, Paul, George & Ringo is Heavens heirarchy and your Redeemer is named Joey. Amen.

Club Review: Club Glitz & Paradise Lounge - A lot of Ess-Effers look at Cesar Chavez (Army Street) the same way some New Yorkers look at the East River. Anything on the other side is "Jersey." And despite the recent relief in rents, a clear trend developing. The hip (meaning the economically challenged) are moving south and so are the live music clubs.

Club Review - The Voodoo Lounge - Sensible shoes. Hair colors found in nature. Conventionality. Silence. Only four months old, Club Glitz is still a baby. And we all know you’ve got to crawl before you can walk. SF premiere rock band and Wammie winner, Blue Period continues to commandeer the Paradise Lounge on the last Saturday of every month for Club Glitz, "a glamorous rock and roll party". Starting in January, the true beginning of the millennium, CG closed it’s first quarter on April 28. What were we in for? Lead singer Adrian Roberts told us, "Organized Chaos."

Seventh Heaven, Club Glitz is Seven & Betty Rules - Blue Period's monthly Rock and Roll Glam Slam at the lovely Paradise Lounge, Club Glitz, born in January, had its July birthday on the 28th. This Glitz came with a warning label - word is out - it may be the last. Nightclub ownership has changed hands and we just don't know. Well, we don't threaten so easy, PF-Swirly-Matt-Adrian-Tommy! So I will make this fast. Real estate and politics be damned.

Six-Six-Six. Glitz is Slitz, no, Six. June 30th marked the sixth in a series of the monthly installment of the Nation-wide, no, make that internationally known Glam Rock party, Club Glitz. Brought to you by the rock band famous for being famous, Blue Period.

Ray Manzarek - Music is Your Special Friend - In one of the first shows of the New Year, Ray Manzarek, the keyboard player for the legendary band, The Doors, made a post holiday sweep through San Francisco. This included a show at The Great American Music Hall. Special guest, SF poet laureate, Michael McClure, joined him on stage for a bit.

It’ll Just Be For Tonight - The Fifth Annual One Night Stand at Slim’s took place Sunday, January 20th. Here’s the deal for the uninformed, (no, it’s NOT that), Dawn at Slim’s puts out the word, friends call friends and the community comes together. Well, all right, maybe it IS that. But it was for charity, I swear to God.