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The SF Herald Comics (Good Clean Fun) by Gene Mahoney

The Dares Years after he launched a trio known as The Policeto superstardom, Ian Copeland has big plans for another trio…of 14 year olds.

Michael and Me

Missing Persons are Missing an Audience - May 28th - Mary Cary, the extremely beautiful, very talented, and pretty darn eccentric lead singer/guitartist for the Bay Area’s next big band, Electric Peach, emailed me, asking if I would want to see her band open for ‘80’s new wave pop sensation Missing Persons.

Interview with Terri Nunn of the 80's band Berlin

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World Affairs - United We Fall

Out of Africa - An Interview with David Rasnick - Recently, South African president Mbeki sought out AIDS dissident David Rasnick to offer alternative views regarding his nation's epidemic. Here's an all too brief interview I had with the scientist at his Silicon Valley home.

Out of Africa II- An Interview with David Rasnick - Here's my follow-up interview with Dr. David Rasnick.

Science & Medicine - The Toxic Avenger

Mick LaSalle:SF Chronicle Film Critic or the Antichrist?

The Dining Scene: In Deep Sushi

The Dining Scene: Borgo: A Quaint Slice of Italy Next to a Deadly Intersection

Stars & Bars...May 2001

Stars & Bars...August 2001

Stars & Bars...September 2001

Stars & Bars...January 2002

The Thinking Man’s Leftist Denounces the Wimpy Left

On Publishing A Newspaper for TheTenderloin District - September 2000

Michael Moore: Stupid White Man - December 2002

A Brief Chat with Adam Duritz, lead singer of Counting Crows - January 2003