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Spring 2015

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Apologies for this issue being so late. As publisher, I should accept the blame. But why do that when I can pin it on someone else? Craig Clifford, the Herald's web designer, had the nerve to work hard at his real job and raise a family instead of dropping everything to put the new edition up. All the material here was done in April, or before that. So this issue will be even more stale and out of date than usual. Enjoy...

Articles This Issue

The Online Version of the San Francisco Herald Newsletter
By Gene Mahoney

Good Clean Fun
“Ordinary Sven”

By Gene Mahoney

The Ace Backwords Report
By Ace Backwords

Why Crosby, Stills, & Nash are Overrated
By Steven Capozzola

Remembering Jane Doe: the art of Sarah Honan
By Zora Burden

Flashback 2002:
Missing Persons Are Missing An Audience
By Gene Mahoney

Was Going to College Worth It?
By James Dylan

Flashback 2012:
Almost Famous
“John Waite”

By Kimberlye Gold

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