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By Kimberlye Gold

Greetings, Heraldonians! Spring is in the air and we have a lot of catching up to do since last we met on the cyber-pages of the San Francisco Herald. Personally and professionally, it has been one wild ride after another up and down the California coast! I’m going to take you on a brief journey dating back to last fall…so away we go!

KT Tundstall – Regency Ballroom San Francisco 11/8/10

For those of you uninitiated, Charlie Sheen is not the only one with tiger blood running through his veins.  The fiery Brit pop-rocker KT Tundstall of “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree” fame has had a recurring dream of bonding with a tiger that appears in her garden because she herself is disguised as a tiger.  Wearing a “tiger suit” if you will.   So this she-cat released a compelling new CD Tiger Suit last fall and showed us her tribal stripes translate perfectly to the stage with a tight band to add support to her tireless energy. The gal can play, sing, and move her animal assets off! Songs like the pulsating single “Fade Like A Shadow” and personal “Weirdo” drive the point all the way across the continents and the surprisingly full house of fans were all rockin’ right along with her.  My only complaint was that the 90-plus minute set was just too damn long – the songs started all sounding the same after awhile and I’m always a fan of leaving the fans wanting more. Her encore cover of Erasure’s “A  Little Respect” was a nice touch but by the time she got to the closing fav  KT song of mine “Suddenly I See”, this tigress was ready to leave the building and hit the concrete jungle of the streets of San Francisco…

Description: C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\KT Tundstall.jpg

My adventures in LA-LA Land - Gigs, Reality show audition for THE VOICE and the NAMM Show! January & February 2011

The beginning of 2011 has been quite an “Alice through the looking glass” crazy train for your beloved “Almost Famous” scribe. I played a few really fun shows in LA, two on the same night (!!) on January 12:  the LAWIM (Los Angeles Women In Music) Showcase at M Bar and the ultra-trendy Taix, both in Hollywood. Here are a couple clips of the latter: – “Silver Lining – “Don’t Maybe Me

NAMM 2011- 1/14/11

Since I just happened to be in LA in January for the first time since 1997, I decided to go to The NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA (home to Disneyland) – an event I used to attend every year since the mid-eighties! Even when I moved to NYC up to my first year in Nashville, I managed to make it back every year. The NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants) is one of the largest and most prestigious music trade shows in the world: serving as a hub for people wanting to seek out the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting, dating back to 1901!  Always held over four days from Thursday through Sunday in January at the Anaheim Convention Center, thousands of vendors and attendees flock each year to see and sometimes even more importantly, be seen by all facets of the music industry. And why did I go every year like rock clockwork? To check out the gear

Welllll, not exactly.

Yes, I’m a guitar player/singer/songwriter and those were all valid reasons to go, but it was about the contacts, man! And people watching! Celebrity rock stars signing autographs! The Fashion Police were always on patrol! The only women who attended this thing were generally either the employees of the exhibiting vendors - OR the girlfriends/groupies of the attending musicians. And back in the ‘80s, oooh boy, were these bleached blond or dyed jet black-haired girls and their long-haired counterpart wanna-be rock star dudes something to SEE. It was a SHOW, a literal Rock Of Ages under one roof where anything could happen and sometimes did! Just the sheer volume of sound and florescent lights would make your head buzz for days after – a constant audio/visual overload for the senses! I had this rocker roommate named Guy Marshall from NYC whose claim to fame was co-writing a minor hit for Pat Benatar “Le Bel Age” and every year he would invent something like the tye-dyed, cut-up jeans that Corey Glover, the lead singer of Living Colour wore in their “Cult Of Personality” video or a cup holder for mic stands or God-knows-whatever got him a booth at the show that year and sometimes I would work for him. One year I was a t-shirt gal for some guy’s amp company. But mostly I would get in with a little help from my friends and just walk around and around trying to look cool enough to be “one of the guys”  -  hotter than the vendor women, but not so smokin’ hot that I’d be mistaken for one of those MTV-groupie sleazy chicks with their micro-mini skirts and boobs out to there. No sir, not me, I was a musician.  It was a thin line – and I walked it with style and class – or so I told myself year after year.  And sometimes cool things really did come out of my just being at the right place at the right time. One year I ran into my bass player pal Chuck Wright – a guy I knew from the Top 40 circuit in LA who went onto play with Quiet Riot (another “Almost Famous” story of mine) and a ‘90s hair band called House of Lords.  They had this great lead singer named James Christian. So I go say hello to Chuck and he says, “Hey, we’re recording our new record with Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin’s producer!!) and we need a “girl choir” for this one song. Can you get group of killer female singers together by tonight?” Could I?!  I immediately called some of the best singers I knew in LA: Breta, Erin Perry, Brie Howard to name a few and we all hauled up to some recording studio in some house in the Hollywood hills and  raised our angelic rock chick voices on a beautiful ballad called “Love Will Build A Bridge” Sound familiar?  Not because it only made it to the European release of the House of Lords record but became a huge hit for… The Judds! It’s like their signature song now! (WTF??) The legendary producer Andy Johns had a notorious reputation for being a wild party animal – I mean, c’mon, Led Zeppelin?? - but he was a total gentleman while we were working - at least until we sang our last take - and it was an incredible experience I will never forget. And all because I was hanging out at the NAMM Show!

Description: C:\Users\Kim\Documents\Kimberlye Photos\KimberlyeRockerChick89.JPG

How I rocked it in ’89 at NAMM – AND my audition photo for the Alice Cooper “Poison” tour as a background singer

After 5 pm the lights in the convention center would shut down and then it was time to party! The NAMM peeps swarmed to all the surrounding hotel bars, to shake the day off, network their!@##es off, and get down to some serious party business! There would be showcases of famous musicians, and all-star jams in the convention rooms, all going on well into the night – but the bars stayed full throughout. A couple years I went all three or four days to NAMM and rocked from morning till the wee hours, but mostly just one or two because I literally couldn’t take anymore!

SO – what lay in store for this jaded, not-so-gracefully aging rock goddess 14 years after the fact? I got in as” press” this time by promising to write a “serious” piece for the SF Herald – little did they know what they were in for…my bandleader/guitar/pedal steel player and gracious proprietor of my LA accommodations John Groover McDuffie drove us down to NAMM and we met my beautiful, dear friend from Nashville, contemporary jazz singer/songwriter, vocal coach and now author Terri Brinegar, who I had not seen since I left Nashville in summer of ’09! Songbird Terri flew the Nashville coop for a few days to hawk her amazing new book “Sing! The Young Women’s Guide To Success As A Singer And Performer”. Wish that was around when I was first spreading my wanna-be wings! We met up with my other faithful and talented bandmate David Vito Gregoli and dared to brave NAMM 2011!

The singular observation I have to share with all you devoted “AF” readers can be expressed in two one-syllable words:  “Time Warp”!! After a quarter century of NAMM-ing it up with a 15 year gap in between, one thing is crystal clear: the majority of NAMM attendees apparently did not get the memo that it wasn’t still 1987!! It was like watching the Tony-award winning Broadway musical Rock Of Ages for seven hours! There were still countless long-haired jet black/bleached blonde damaged/teased-haired leather-clad dudes and dudettes with tiny butts under tinier micro-mini-skirts/painted-on pants, enormous boobs and more eyeliner than Maybelline’s entire line! It was as if time had literally stood still – did these people have jobs they went to work at looking like extras in a Whitesnake video in 2011?? Here’s a minute-long glimpse through the looking glass:

I now regret I did not interview some of these aging heavy metal mannequins - asking them deep questions such as, “What do you hope to achieve at NAMM 2011 – what are your goals and can you speak to your attire as a method?” -– it will haunt me until the next millennium – and that I didn’t take a LOT more pictures! I did get a few fun shots of the ageless funk impresario Bootsy Collins, gleefully posing for pics and signing autographs!  Rush drummer Neil Peart! Graham Central Station founder Larry Graham!

Description: C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\bootsy.jpg latest tech
Bootsy and Mark Collins at NAMM– separated at birth? Displaying the latest technology!
Description: C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\photo.jpg Description: C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\photo.jpg
Rush drummer Neil Peart’s “Steampunk" drum kit Graham Central Station’s leader Larry Graham

High points of the NAMM 2011 experience occurred after the show: the All-Star Jam in the lobby which included my old Kimberlye & The Band of Gold bandmate Teddy Andreadis on keyboards (Guns ‘N Roses, Carole King) and about a half-million lead guitarists on stage at once – my ears are still bleeding – and the Coffin Case/Dean Guitars Showcase at The Grove. The women at this thing were legendary! The picture I most miss getting was of a girl with assless sequined chaps sporting lacy thong panties peeping out – there was very little left to the imagination - and the rocker  guy she was with cupping his hand around one cheek – and I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout the one on her face, y’all!

My favorite moment of the whole deal was watching my generally subdued, laid-back pal John Groover McDuffie watch one of his all-time guitar heroes Leslie West from the band Mountain replicate his iconic solo on the 1970 hit “Mississippi Queen” (featuring MORE COWBELL!). John’s mouth dropped and opened with sheer glee and he clapped in time like a little kid - priceless!

And that’s NAMM 2011 – till we meet again!!

Auditioning for THE VOICE (and another fun LA gig!) 2/2/11-2/4/11

I belong to a casting agency called SF Casting and they send me daily notices of films, plays and TV shows to audition for. I don’t submit for much but every now and then I get some extra work, like for that sadly now-defunct NBC series Trauma or the recent Brad Pitt baseball movie Moneyball.  They’ve sent me notices for that wacky ageless America’s Got Talent a few times, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it and hit delete. I mean, after decades in the SF/LA/NY/Nashville/London trenches, “Almost Famous” eventually translates to “Still Has a Pulse” and you try and age gracefully while letting most of those lifelong dreams fade to black…But when I received a notice for a new NBC Mark Burnett (Survivor) produced reality show called THE VOICE looking for singers aged 18-99,  I decided what the hell and  hit “submit” – meaning my photo and resume gets sent to the casting people. Based on a hit European reality show called The Voice Of Holland, this Mark Burnett  (Survivor) NBC  production was supposed to be a “blind audition” – the judges would initially only hear “the voice”.

Description: C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\the voice.jpg 

I didn’t send music or any links to myspace. Didn’t expect a thing. So it was much to my surprise when I got an e-mail directly from a casting associate from the show inviting me to register to audition. I had a few questions and dared to e-mail the guy directly with them, hoping not to annoy him too much. Even more to my surprise, he responded immediately and opened a direct contact door that just didn’t seem to have a shelf life: the guy could not have been more helpful or encouraging! He offered to register me for the audition on the show website himself - I didn’t have to lift a finger!! He  listened to my myspace page and told me his favorite song (“Nothin I Don’t Already Know”) , gave me all kinds of helpful advice from  audition song selection to wardrobe to edit suggestions for my video submission  - no question was ever too small and he was just so nice to me, making me feel like he genuinely believed in me and wanted me to nail this. I stalked him on Facebook and saw that he was a young, cute kid – probably in his 20’s.  NO, I was NOT rockin’ the cougar vibe - and this went on for a couple months!

The biggest deal was giving me an actual audition appointment – it was advertised as an “open call audition” on their website and Facebook page but he told me to come at 2:30pm Feb. 4 in LA and he would personally get me in!! In all my decades in the LA/NY/Nashville trenches, rarely had I been treated this well and it had been a looooong time since I dared to be led down such a garden path…I mean, wasn’t I DONE with all that “dreams could come true” stuff years ago??  My friends kept wanting me to ask him why he was being so cool to me and I would respond, “Are you!@#$ing kidding me? Why look a gift horse in the mouth?? I’m just gonna GO with it!” I figured at the very least maybe some of these young up-and-comers might be looking for songs. And I had been doing a lot of gigs lately and getting more accolades and praise than ever – one guy had actually said recently, “You know I’m single but I could marry your VOICE!” Although I already died a thousand deaths over the years and had long since supposedly let go, I started to allow myself to believe that maybe I really was just a late-bloomer, maybe every moment of all the highs and lows and hard work was leading up to something with legs lasting longer than a moment,  maybe my music business veteran status (i.e. middle-age) was actually working in my favor – this was television after all, and who doesn’t love an underdog/world’s best kept secret ? Maybe my lifelong “Almost Famous” moniker was finally gonna be replaced once and for all…My funny friend and KGP PR client author/comedian Jeff Kreisler said, “You’re gonna be the hot Susan Boyle!”

So of course, I had to book a gig in LA leading up to the big event – what better place than my old stomping grounds at Genghis Cohen on Feb. 2 (Ground Hog Day and my parents’ wedding anniversary!), where I used to play every year and hadn’t since ’98! Here’s a clip featuring a guest appearance from my old 1987 Kimberlye & The Band of Gold bandmate Teddy Andreadis on harp: – “Just A Guy

Finally, the big day had arrived – and I was ready to rock! After weeks of torturing myself and anyone who would listen with choosing the two songs they instructed us to prepare, I decided on an acoustic version of Gladys Knight & The Pips “Got To Use My Imagination” – it showed a lot of  range, I could rock out on guitar, and I knew no one else would dream of it – all those youngsters would be rockin’ their best Katy Perry and Lady Gaga – and then I would do one of my original songs to show who I was as an artist. 

The line of auditioners  - of all shapes, colors, sizes and a few old-timers like me - stretched down the street and around the block – while I marched past all of them up to the gate and announced I had an appointment. They had been waiting all day – but I was special! The twenty-something year old-looking staffers had me wait with a few other “appointment people” waiting to be taken in – and I realized this is probably how these reality shows work – some people are designated as “the ones to watch/push through, etc.”  - for better or worse! We were led into a big room with a table full of staffers registering us and I spotted my guy right away. We were so happy to see each other, it was like a summer camp reunion! He took all my stuff and cheered me on and then it was off to a hallway to await the actual audition. The guy told us, “You’ll get to watch a few people audition before you so you know what to expect when it’s your turn. Good luck everyone!” Both the staff and all the auditioners could not have been nicer or more supportive. I hadn’t been this excited in a very long time.

We were led into a large soundstage with folding chairs for us to wait our turn and a table with two male judges who most definitely were not blind and collectively about age 12.  In front of them was a single microphone and stand on a rug. I watched attentively as each hopeful guy and gal went to take their turn at bat. Each person got to do a verse and chorus of their two songs, and most chose to sing acapella. The first girl sang “Oh Darlin” and the judges asked her to sing something more contemporary, something that would define her as an artist, and she went into Katy Perry’s “Firework” and did fine. Boy Judge #1said “This is a ‘maybe’ – keep your cell phone close and if you don’t hear from us by midnight, it’s a pass. If we want you for callbacks tomorrow, we’ll call you.” There were several versions of this – responses ranged from, “Nice voice, but you need to work on your stage presence, come back next year.” to the opposite “Your voice isn’t quite there yet but you have good presence, it’s a ‘no’”, a few more “maybes” and one “yes” for callbacks. I wished I had prepared something more current but felt ready and confident when my name was called. I would wow them with my rockin’ retro soul stylings and then intrigue them with my one-of-a-kind original vibe!

“What are you going to do for us today, Kimberlye?” Baby Boy Judge #1 asked. I was pretty sure neither one had even heard of Gladys Knight. Still I dove in and delivered what felt like a spot-on performance: low and sexy in the beginning and balls-to-the-walls bringing it up to the end.  Nailed it. Boy Judge #2 said, “Your vocals need work – this is a ‘no’ – thank you”. Didn’t even ask me to do my 2nd song. I was stunned. That was it? I mean, I know when I could have done better (see my less-than-stellar 2008 Nashville Star audition), but after 9000 years in this business I know when I’m “on” and “your vocals need work” didn’t make sense. Not even a “maybe”?  Why didn’t they let me do my 2nd song??  I should have asked them to let me do it. I was just shocked.  I thanked them and quietly slithered away to the tune of a couple “Good job” comments from the auditioners and left the room. Unfortunately, right outside the door I got trapped by a camera crew interviewing a young starry-eyed ingénue about why she should be THE VOICE. Not only had I just been unceremoniously rejected after months of being led down a potential blooming garden path, now I had to be tortured after the fact ?? It was beyond surreal – a nightmare. I thought I had completely prepared myself for any outcome and my heart was untouchable – but I was wrong. Walking to my car with my guitar on my back and my last chance dashed dreams in a cloud of dust behind me, I just felt crushed.

As I was loading my guitar in my trunk, I saw one of the girls from my audition room who had been told she sang well, but didn’t have enough stage presence. “Good job!” I called out to her as she walked by, trying to be a good, supportive sport in my last few moments in Hell. She saw me and ran over to me, “Oh my God, YOU were AMAZING!! Those judges did NOT give you constructive criticism! Your voice is AMAZING! We all thought so! I wanted to get my phone out and film you!!” “Oh my God, really?” I said. “I didn’t suck? ‘Cause I thought I did well, and I’m so confused!”  This girl just kept going, like an angel sent from the God of Music Business to save my soul. “NO! You were AMAZING! I think maybe they just are looking for something more mainstream, more middle-of-the-road, who knows, but you are AMAZING!” “What’s your name?” I asked. “Miriam!” she beamed and I asked her if I could hug her and she grabbed me and gave me this giant bear hug that lasted for like, a minute. My sweet, AMAZING angel Miriam – who handed me my heart back and reminded me who I am at this late stage of the game once again so I could shake it off and get back up  for another roundI am happy to say I suited up, showed up, was treated well and I BROUGHT IT when it was my turn – nobody can take that away from me.  Alas, the young buck powers that be did not let me pass go and collect my $100, 000. And I just talked to my also amazingly talented and ageless (same as moi’) friend Britt Savage in Nashville – and she had almost the exact same experience I did from start to finish. I am not alone! And now the “Almost Famous” train leaves the station once again, ready to ROCK! Although by the time this goes to press, it may be from a ROCK-ING chair!

Lisa Loeb – Yoshi’s San Francisco - 1/25/2011

Back in the early ‘90s, I was working as an in-house temp at the WEA (Warner Brothers/Elektra/Atlantic) record labels in NYC.  One of the many perks to being on the inside floating around was catching the early buzz of who was rising up, who was hot – long before the Internet and American Idol. One of those artists was singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb. I remember hearing about her local gigs with her band Nine Stories in ’93 at little clubs all over Manhattan, and how all the labels were sniffing around but no one had bitten yet. I always meant to go but…

With those trademark black cat eyeglasses that predated the eyewear every wanna-be hipster in the world wears now, Loeb’s Cinderella story ascent to the top put her in the world’s record books as the  first artist to top the American charts without a record deal  in 1994 with the career-making song “Stay (I Missed You)”. Apparently, her neighbor, actor Ethan Hawke, passed the song to director Ben Stiller for the Gen-X classic film Reality Bites, who inserted it in the closing credits, garnering her a number one record two months later and an eventual Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Performance.

The stuff dreams are made of.  The carrots that forever dangle in my own “Almost Famous” existence…hence, this column!

Of course she did get signed, and has had a successful and respectable, if not earth-shattering career with two more modest hits “Do You Sleep” and “I Do”, that plaintively earnest voice, those cute glasses, a  VH1 reality show with boyfriend Dweezil Zappa, and a dating show after their break-up. Smart.

So it was with curiosity and some anticipation I went to see The Divine Ms. L at my favorite San Francisco listening room Yoshi’s. She did not disappoint.

Semi-rocking the same cute, schoolgirl waif look in a black turtleneck and plaid skirt, Loeb delivered a laid-back, intimate and completely relaxed performance of mostly solo stuff and a bit with her trio to the full house of loyal fans who hung on her every word. And boy, were there a lot of words. The girl likes to talk! But that’s definitely part of her quirky charm and I found myself grooving along to her winding and long-winded bits of spoken conversation as much as her musical ones.

Description: C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\lisa-loeb-55th-annual-bmi-pop-awards-LWKNNC[1].jpgShe began the night with selections off  her most recent endeavors, a 2nd children’s album called Camp Lisa and talked about her organization to send kids to summer camp, interspersed with tales of her own new baby, the weather, what she had for dinner backstage, and a bunch of other stuff. It all worked.

Then Loeb got down to a little more serious business with those afore-mentioned hit singles and other equally introspective and musically appealing  gems like “Truthfully”,  “Five Dollar Umbrella” and  “Take Me Back”.  In addition to her winsome little lamb of a voice, she possesses some consistently decent guitar chops and I actually enjoyed her solo efforts more than when the band joined in.

After the show, Loeb held court at a table in the lobby, selling and signing CDs and posing for pictures with her fans. It was a nice, personal touch and a fine end to a lovely visit with a talented and likable artist who knows exactly who she is.





Rock Of Ages – Curran Theatre SF – 3/9/11

In 1981, right before my 21st birthday (yeah, do the math, I’m middle-aged!) I flew the SF Bay Area coop and descended down south to LA-LA Land, the City of Angels, otherwise known as Los Angeles, CA to pursue my dreams of acting and rock stardom. From ’81 to ’89, much of that time was spent hanging out and playing  clubs in Hollywood,  up and down Sunset Boulevard,  a place commonly known at the Sunset Strip. There was the infamous Rainbow Room, Club Lingerie, The Roxy, and the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. (See the above NAMM article to check out how I rolled back then). The wacky, trashy clothes, the mullet cuts, the teased, dyed black/bleached blond long hair, the bands and most of all the SONGS defined an era that MTV brought into households across America. But for those of us that lived it, it was the best of times and the worst of times. Fer sure. Totally, man.

Description: C:\Users\Kim\Documents\Kimberlye Photos\kimberlye&bandofgold2.jpgKimberlye & The Band of Gold circa 1987 in LA- not so trashy but look at that hair, man!

So fast forward to 2009, I’m in Nashville, and I turn on the Tony Awards just to see what’s happenin’ on the Great White Way, having no clue what the hit shows are. Suddenly I hear a familiar sounding song and look to see the ‘80s hair band Poison playing their hit “Nothin’ But A Good Time” and I’m thinking, “What the hell, I must have turned on VH1’s Where Are They Now by accident!” But wait, there’s Constantine Maroulis, one of my favorite cast-offs from American Idol a few seasons back and what the hell is happening on my little TV? Why are they playing ‘80s songs on the 2009 Tony Awards and WTF is Poison doing on there??

Ladies ‘n germs, thanks to the vision of Chris D'Arienzo's book and the permission of a ton of ‘80s rock bands,  it’s 1980-something all over again and we’re rockin’ out to Rock Of Ages – now a Tony Award-winning musical for the millennium! Apparently, there is still an audience for this stuff – who knew??

The plot is silly and lightweight – aspiring rocker dude ( the spectacular and utterly charming Constantine Maroulis) working at rock club the Bourbon Room as a janitor meets small town aspiring actress innocent babe-in-the-woods (dynamic Elicia MacKenzie) amidst mullet-sporting and teased hair/trashily attired patrons, bands, club owners and the like.  In the middle of all this is a super-contrived and over-the-top story about German developers trying to tear down the strip to build strip malls and a protest, but who cares??

The rest of the note-for-dated-note rock perfection cast and the electrifying dance numbers, staging, lighting and super kick-ass (and super hot!)  rock band on stage (my old NYC friend Alan Childs on drums!) are all there to dress up the real stars of the show: the SONGS! One after another: Jefferson Starship’s  “We Built This City”,  Quiet Riot’s “Cum On Feel The Noise”,  Foreigner’s “I Wanna Know What Love Is”,  Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian”, Extreme’s “More Than Words”,  REO’s “I Can’t Fight This Feelin’ Anymore”, and of course, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”  are but just a few of the dozens of songs that serve as punch lines and exclamation points for every moment of this raucous flashback extravaganza. The other high point of the experience is the audience themselves. Look around and you will see and hear clapping, singing, screaming, some panty-throwing and a slew of lighters being held and waved overhead throughout the whole show – these people are serious about their ‘80s tunes, dude!

I was there opening night and our rocker boy Constantine thanked the !@#$ing awesome bands who gave approval for their music to be used and brought up  some members of the real Journey and Night Ranger on stage at the curtain call. Seeing these aging rockers rockin’ out with the flashy karaoke younger versions made the already surreal experience that much more fun.

Description: C:\Users\Kim\Documents\Kimberlye Photos\John's photos\constantine.jpg          Description: C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\dd-rock27_PH1_0502958510[1].jpg

Constantine signing a program                    Rock Of Ages rockin’ da house!

Book by Chris D'Arienzo. Directed by Kristin Hanggi. Through April 9. Curran Theatre, 445 Geary St., San Francisco. 2 hours, 40 minutes. $30-$99 (subject to change). (888) 746-1799.

A few shameless plugs before I go…

Just caught an unbelievable new band while checking out my old friends Rubber Side Down at their 10 yr. anniversary show March 2: a trio of female African-American rocker grrrrls called Sistas In The Pit! These Nubian rock goddesses give my pals Living Colour a serious run for their money and you should be on da lookout for them if ya wanna be knocked out!

Description: C:\Users\Kim\Desktop\img-band03[1].jpg

Sistas In The Pit

And almost last but not least, if you need a great dentist, go see my old high school friend Jit aka Dr. Josephine M. Weber at 9 Silliman Street, Suite 1, San Francisco, CA 94134. 415-468-1777 – tell her I sentcha! She just won an award for “Best Dentist in San Francisco”!

Come see me play at A Grape In The Fog in Pacifica March 30 and High Street Station Café in Alameda May 13 and June 25!

Who will win American Idol Season 10?? votes are on Casey, Lauren, James and Naima so far!!

Till next time!! ###

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