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Dum Dum Girls, The Independent, 4/8... Gary Numan, The Fillmore, 4/6... Ellie Goulding, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, 4/19.

Berlin (featuring Terri Nunn) has a new album out titled Animal.

Carla Bruni, The Regency Ballroom, 4/25... San Francisco SymphonyDisney's Fantasia, Davies Symphony Hall, 5/31... The Suit, A.C.T., 5/1... Stephen Marley, The Regency Ballroom, 5/9.

On the Waterfront: Finally made it to Red's Java House along the Embarcadero Freeway here in San Francisco, overlooking the bay. There's a nice guy named Rob behind the bar, a  daily trivia question on the blackboard behind the counter, and San Francisco-oriented pictures on the wall. It's been Red's since the 1950s, but Rob said the actual cafe has been there since 1918, and that Harry Bridges had meetings there about forming the International Longshore and Warehouse' Union. (Oh. “Red's”. I get it. No?)

The Mother Hips, The Independent, 6/28... SF Comedy Showcase, The Punch Line, 6/30... Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley, 4/1.

Your daily schedule of where to head when the sun goes down and you're wearing black lipstick and spandex at (Even Mountain View has a Goth club.)

Former San Francisco cartoonist Keith Knight has made his first live-action comedy short. It's called “Unique Antique” and can be found on Youtube.

A Night in Berkeleywood, Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, 3/2. Big screen viewing of the Academy Awards, hosted by Will Durst. Yes, Will Durst the local political satirist. By the way, Will does this hilarious routine. It's him doing public service announcements on the radio -  about how desperately we need these total waste of taxpayer money government boondoggles, like the High Speed Rail. And they're brought to you by “California Alliance for Jobs”. As if these jobs will be widespread and not just benefit some overpaid union members. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! What a riot. What's that? They're not a joke? They're real? Oh.

In December there was a soulful singer impressing passers-by in front of Sotheby's Realty on Union Street. Her name was Adama Abe, she's from the African nation of Cameroon, and was performing for an organization called Rising Intentional.  It's founder, Carmel K. Jud, says the organization “searches the globe for the world's most forgotten women and changes their destinies by selling their handmade products at home parties and events.” Camel first met Adama when Dina Eastwood hosted Rising International's launch event in 2007 at Clint's private golf course in Carmel.

Culinary death and life in Silicon Valley: Little Amsterdam Coffee Shop in downtown Saratoga has closed after 41 years. Tom, its owner from the Netherlands, was a very low-key, nice guy who will be missed. So will the help - Lia and Desiree. And from the ashes, new eateries arise, and they're all in San Jose's main hub, San Pedro Square: The Farmer's Union  “re-established” a few months ago. Louisiana Bistro (“Taste of N'awlins”) should be open by the time you read this (ironic to moi, as I had a girlfriend from Bayou Country who lived down the block in the late '80's, as I was getting my useless degree from San Jose State). Da Kine Island Grill should be serving Hawaiian cuisine soon, too (maybe you've visited the Sunnyvale location).  And Nick the Greek is coming soon (Parking in Rear. Sorry. I must have been influenced by the frat houses in the area.)

Congratulations to Shannon Wheeler for his Berkeley production of Too Much Coffee Man – The Opera, which was performed at the Freight & Salvage in November. It was a (nostalgia) trip as Shannon, Ace Backwords, and me all drew comic strips for Berkeley's The Daily Californian in the late '80s. (It was even a bigger trip to see that Shannon has a 15 year old son – heck, the three of us aren't  spring chickens anymore.) The crowd loved the show. See ya.###

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